Vancouver has lots to offer when it comes to celebrating the Lunar New Year.

From the long-anticipated return of the Chinatown Spring Festival Parade on January 22nd in Vancouver’s Chinatown, to LunarFest and the Lantern City exhibiting at Granville Island until Feb. 20th, to a series of musical performances at Pacific Centre – there is something for everyone to ring in the Year of the Rabbit.  

The celebrations typically lasts for 16 days, from Lunar New Year’s Eve, to the Lantern Festival, so, naturally, you will find celebrations in Vancouver in the weeks before, during, and after Lunar New Year. It is “marked in China, Japan, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and beyond”.

Here are some awesome free events you can find in Vancouver over the next few weeks to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

There’s so much going on in Vancouver that, instead of us reinventing the wheel, we recommend you check out these awesome articles from our go-to media platforms for in-depth listings on Lunar New Year celebrations.

From Vancouver, to PoCo, to Burnaby, Richmond and beyond- you can find fun events all over the Metro Vancouver area over the next few weeks. 

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