After much deliberation and discussion VLIP is pleased to announce the finalized Strategic Priority Working Groups (SPWG).

The issues facing newcomers in Canada are great and nuanced; from barriers to employment because of lack of Canadian experience, to lack of representation and financial support - newcomers, immigrants, refugees, international students and temporary foreign workers in Vancouver have varied and vast experiences.

The SPWG are designed to guide the Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership tackle specific sets of issues within each area of focus. No one priority area will be able to cover the needs of newcomers to Vancouver.  This is why we broke down our Strategic Priorities into four separate areas with the idea of at least one separate working group for each.

The 4 VLIP Strategic Priority Areas are
  • Meaningful Engagement & Collaboration
  • Knowledge Hub
  • Influence Change for Racial Equity
  • Data Collection & Utilization
Each Strategic Priority Area is assigned one working group, with the exception of the Knowledge Hub, which has 2 Strategic Priority Working Groups. . Each working group identifies a project they can complete for VLIP over the next two year term (2023-2025).

VLIP members are required to participate in at least one working group as this is part of the mandate to further our work and create greater impact.
  1. Cross-Sectoral Collaboration with Institutions Serving Newcomer Communities 
    Priority Area Addressed: Meaningful Engagement & Collaboration
  2. Digital Hub
    Priority Area Addressed: Knowledge Hub
  3. Community of Practice and Equity Related Work
    Priority Area Addressed: Knowledge Hub
  4. Employment Solutions
    Priority Area Addressed: Influence Change for Racial Equity
  5. Research & Development & Influence Policy Change
    Priority Area Addressed: Data Utilization & Collection
Each group will determine its own meeting schedule and facilitate their own meetings throughout the year.

Learn more about our Strategic Plan and Priorities here.

Membership is required to join a Strategic Priority Working Group. The good news is that it's completely free to join! Fill out an application, here.

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