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Commemorating Asian Heritage Month with Cindy from the VLIP Immigrant Advisory Table

This month, we had the privilege of interviewing Cindy, one of our members of the Immigrant Advisory Table, originally from China. We discussed her experiences as a newcomer in Vancouver and gained...

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VLIP Newsletter Volume II is Now Live!

Volume II of the VLIP Bi-Monthly Newsletter is now live! If you are interested in staying up-to-date on all the latest VLIP and Partners news and events, sign-up for our bi-monthly newsletter! You...

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VLIP Strategic Priority Working Groups Announced!

After much deliberation and discussion VLIP is pleased to announce the finalized Strategic Priority Working Groups (SPWG). The issues facing newcomers in Canada are great and nuanced; from barrier...

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Event Recap: Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimnation

March 21 is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. On March 21, 1960, police in South Africa opened fire on unarmed protestors during a protest of the government’s rac...

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Co-Manager, Koyali Burman, nominated for the Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Awards 2023

We are pleased to announce VLIP Co-Manager, Koyali Burman, was nominated for the Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Awards for her outstanding 10+ years of service to the Multicultural Community. Th...

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Friday Feature: First People's Guide for Newcomers

There is so much good, useful, important content out there - so where do you even begin when looking for it? We're kicking off a new theme this week; introducing #FridayFeature - where we feature ...

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Co-Manager, Koyali Burman, represents VLIP at the LIP National Secretariat

We are pleased to announce VLIP Co-Manager, Koyali Burman, is joining the National LIP Secretariat (NLS) as an Executive Member. The National LIP Secretariat (NLS) is a federally supported project...

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Celebrate Black History Month in Vancouver

February is Black History Month. The theme for Black History Month this year is, "Ours to tell. This theme represents both an opportunity to engage in open dialogue and a commitment to learning mo...

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Stories of Migration: One Man’s Journey From Afghanistan to Canada

          My name is A.A. I was born and raised in Kabul, the beautiful capital of an ancient land locked country, Afghanistan. For as far as I can remember, Afghanistan has been fighting off inv...

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Things to do in Vancouver for Lunar New Year

Vancouver has lots to offer when it comes to celebrating the Lunar New Year. From the long-anticipated return of the Chinatown Spring Festival Parade on January 22nd in Vancouver’s Chinatown, to L...

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