VLIP Priorities & Projcects

Through a rigorous strategic planning process, supported by local consultants, Vantage Point, we created a strategic plan to support and guide our organization over the next three years.

Our Strategic Plan is guided by our vision, mission, and values statements, and will support us as we focus on each
Strategic Priority Area.

VLIP Strategic Priority Areas

Meaningful Engagement & Representation

Expand the VLIP partners across more sectors, including a diversity of lived experiences, prioritizing those underrepresented.


Build the collaboration capacity of VLIP and individual partners through facilitating a knowledge hub to share evidence-based practices, enhance access to resources and build collaborative solutions.

Influence Change for Racial Equity

Applying an intersectional lens, engage and support partners to address the deepest inequities facing those made most vulnerable, including those new to Canada who may be racialized, low income, marginally housed, non-permanent residents, and/or migrant workers. 

Data Collection & Utilization

Conduct evidence-based research and utilize existing research to focus on current and emergent barriers to racial equity and the well-being of immigrants, refugees, and those new to Canada.