VLIP Council Membership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership (VLIP), and working together to help Vancouver welcome, support, and engage with newcomers. VLIP is a multi-sectoral partnership that strives to bring together a diverse group of Vancouver-based stakeholders across different sectors to collaborate, innovate, and implement strategies aimed at improving access to resources and services, and helping newcomers to thrive in Vancouver.


What is the VLIP Council?

The Council consists of various local Vancouver-based stakeholders with a commitment to welcoming and supporting newcomers in Vancouver. The VLIP Council is responsible for the overall leadership and guidance of the LIP initiative in the community.

Who can become a VLIP Council member?

Council membership is open to designated representatives from local Vancouver-based sectors committed to taking on a leadership role in welcoming and supporting newcomers in Vancouver. Designated representatives will have experience, expertise, and/or interest in immigration and newcomer issues, experience working in collaborative groups, experience and understanding of supporting and/or working with equity and anti-racism lenses, and hold decision-making power in their organizations/institutions.

VLIP Council Member Commitment:

  • Attend and actively participate in quarterly meetings
  • Respond to requests for input and information
  • Support the development and implementation of VLIP strategic planning process, action plans, and evaluation
  • Participate in and/or lead VLIP Strategic Working Groups as appropriate
  • Support VLIP research initiatives and provide information and expertise on local immigration trends and newcomer service needs
  • Provide ongoing guidance and direction for projects undertaken by the VLIP
  • Work to influence all levels of government on program and policy development as it relates to newcomer settlement and support

Interested in joining?

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In what sector does your organization/institution operate?

Please designate one primary representative from your organization/institution to participate in the VLIP Council. They should hold decision-making responsibility within their organization/institution and be able to commit to the membership expectations.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the VLIP Manager at