About Us

About Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership (VLIP)

Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership (VLIP) brings together like-minded Vancouver-based businesses, organizations and individuals striving to make Vancouver a more welcoming, inclusive city for all newcomers.

VLIP Partners are active in supporting the development of innovative polices, processes and procedures aimed at making Vancouver a more welcoming, inclusive city for im/migrants, refugees, temporary foreign workers, international students and anyone who identifies as a newcomer to our beautiful city.

VLIP is the only community partnership in Vancouver that brings together a broad range of settlement and non-settlement actors to focus on the needs of newcomers.

Under the umbrella of the Vancouver Local Immigration Partnership fall 5 separate components to our community-based partnership:


  • VLIP Council
  • Immigrant Advisory Table
  • Members-at-Large
  • Strategic Working Groups
  • VLIP Management Team

VLIP Council, Members-at-Large, Immigrant Advisory Table, and the Strategic Working Groups are supported by the VLIP Management Team.

A closer look at our structure

Our structure supports the overall progress and collaboration of the Partnership. With each group supported by the VLIP Management Team, we are able to stay aligned with our goals, priorities, and key project objectives, and keep collaboration moving smoothly throughout the Partnership.

VLIP Council

This group  is lead and stewarded by diverse representatives from various sectors who are committed to building an inclusive city and welcoming newcomers to Vancouver.

VLIP Council members  have primary and secondary attendees from every participating organization.



MaL are individuals rather than organizations. The individual member has expertise, knowledge, and areas of interest which they would be willing to provide guidance and input to VLIP.
 Members-at-Large fall under the VLIP Council umbrella of the Partnership.

Immigrant Advisory Table

This group of individuals provide input to the VLIP Council. Their lived experiences help guide strategic priorities based on their experiences.

Strategic Priority Working Groups

Strategic Priority Working Groups (SPWG) are composed of VLIP Council Members, Members-at-Large, and the Immigrant Advisory Table.

There are  5 Strategic Priority Working Groups, focusing on specific areas of need within the community.

Their work informs the larger council.


VLIP Management Team

The Management Team acts as a “backbone” for the Partnership and ensures progress towards identified goals by convening and coordinating an inclusive partnership that is representative of the community.

The VLIP Management Team consists of:

  • Co-Managers, Koyali Burman & Farah Kotadia
  • Admin & Communications Coordinator, Adamandia Coumbos
Their work is supported by the Executive Directors of South Vancouver Neighbourhood House and Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, Mimi Rennie &  Devika Ramkhelawan.

We are honoured to have Elder Lorelei Hawkins as the VLIP Elder.